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Contacts Accounting Bulgaria.

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Registrations cost includes: Company’s registrations at the Commercial Register, Company registration capital, VAT registration, tax address, virtual office, social insurance account register, manager’s PIN issue, company stamp, IBAN opening fees, bank deposits, online banking setting, debit card issue and sending to your postal address, “0” Consultancy fees included in this offer (if you become our Client for accounting services)  ->  950 EUR -> TOTAL COST no penny more –> this offer is 15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market à immediate prove;

85 EUR monthly fee for accounting (25 doc/3 employee) -> promotional offer for companies registered by Paramount Services Ltd. -> this offer is 15% less than average on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove;

Useful info on company registration,

Remote registration price is 950 euros and includes the opening of escrow account (start-up (escrow) capital bank account, we recommend equity capital of 100 EUR in order to cover 2 months services charges, to avoid useless bank fees.

Next, we provide legal address of the registered company at the actual address of our company, so that it can be used in the future for receiving mail.

Also, the focus of the article is the registration of a company by a foreign citizen in Bulgaria. We will explain which foreigners can register companies in Bulgaria and the respective foreigner obliged to live in the country. How much cost the registration of the company, etc.

Which foreign citizens can register companies in Bulgaria?

Also, all foreign citizens have the right to register their company in Bulgaria. There is no restriction on whether the foreigner concerned is a citizen of an EU Member State or not.

Much of special feature of the procedure and something that is often confused with the registration is that the foreigner ‘s personal data should also be written in Cyrillic. Should the owner live or reside in Bulgaria?

As foreign citizen does not have to live or reside in Bulgaria. However, the presence in the country at the moment of registration of the company is advisable, as the procedure is easier. Hence this is due to the fact that the foreign citizen is most often a manager of the company and as such. Also he must declare his consent to perform this activity before Bulgarian notaries. Such notaries work, of course and only on the territory of the country. Abroad. Also the services of the nearest Bulgarian diplomatic representation (embassy or consulate) may be used.

Useful info on your special attention. FAQ.

Also, the presence in the country is desirable for paying the company’s capital through a local bank account. However,  this problem is easily overcome by a power of attorney.

Should the owner know the Bulgarian language?

Next – knowledge of Bulgarian is not compulsory for company registration but could facilitate the procedure. If the foreign citizen does not know Bulgarian a translator will accompany him/her  in front of a notary. Hence, the translator does not need to be listed as such. It is enough to be a person who can translate the text of the documents into a foreign language.

And for extra security, when the foreign citizen does not know the Bulgarian language, the documents can be prepared in bilingual version, ie. The Bulgarian text should be accompanied by a foreign language.

What identity documents are needed?

Most of all, If the foreign citizen has a residence permit in Bulgaria, it is sufficient. If not, authorities require only an identity card for EU citizens and an international passport or other document for citizens of other countries.

Absolutely and Global Consult can assist you in registering a company from abroad. In this case, our team will take care of handling all procedures in Bulgaria, including paying capital and submitting all necessary documents.

Also If you are a foreigner and want to register your company, you can always contact our support team.

We keep to our promises – always and under all circumstances. No surprises, No hidden fees, No cheap consultancy tricks…….

Contacts. The team of Paramount Services EOOD