Accounting services Bulgaria. Company Registrations Service Free in Bulgaria. Prices. Tax rate reduce to 5%. Accounting Sofia.

while Company Registrations in Bulgaria. Accounting services. Taxation optimization.

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          Why Paramount Services: We believe that we can provide quality accounting services at low prices with the maximum commitment to your business. Prices – 15% less than those of competition.

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Registrations cost include: Company’s registrations at the Commercial Register, Company registration capital, VAT registration, tax address, virtual office, social insurance account register, manager’s PIN issue, company stamp, IBAN opening fees, bank deposits, online banking setting, debit card issue and sending to your postal address, “0” Consultancy fee included in this offer (if you become our Client for accounting services) -> 950 EUR -> TOTAL COST no penny more -> this offer is 15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market;

82 EUR monthly fee for accounting (25 doc/3 employee) -> promotional offer for companies registered by Paramount Services Ltd. -> this offer is 15% less than average on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove;

Bookkeeping. 50% lower prices than competition.

  • Posting of all documents within 24 hours from receiving and periodic monthly closure & reporting.
  • At the request of the Client reports / statements are prepared on an annual, quarterly, monthly and other period accordingly;
  • Monthly VAT reporting – preparation of VAT return and ledgers required under the VAT Act;
  • Calculating and charging monthly the Bulgaria alternative and advance income taxes, local taxes, tax consultations on obligations arising. Corporate Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act, Local Taxes and Fees Act  and
  • EU intra – community trade transactions. Intrastat services / accountancy.

Tax Returns,

  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements;
  • Annual tax returns prepare  mostly ….
  • Submission of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute;
  • Publication of annual financial statements in the public registry   secondly ….

Other administrations services

  • Management reports by a requested design, financial accounting analysis furthermore
  • Preparation of policy and chart of accounts for the enterprise yet
  • Presentation before the authorities of tax administration, NSI, NRA, other authorities while
  • consultations on changes and amendments to the tax legislation;
  • Tax consultations / advice   and

Reliable and accurate services designed to meet your specific business needs and delivered on a schedule that fits your business’ pace:

  • Daily service – a complete accounting cycle so
  • Analysis and management of receivables and payable and 
  • Managing cash flow, planning payments while
  • Reliable reporting performed at ordered by the Client frequency – weekly, monthly, quarterly and   …
  • Calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and business trends, financial statements in a real time  so ….

so We offer a professional and efficient service, supporting you in key areas of your business to ensure your success. and The high expertise in our services results. yet Cost savings, problem prevention, total accountability and peace of mind. while Our team of experts fully understand your business and will ensure you are fully compliant with current legislation,

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