Accounting Services Bulgaria. Prices. Service Free Company Registrations in Bulgaria. Tax rate reduce to 5%.

Accounting Services Bulgaria.Paramount Services is your trusted local accountant in Bulgaria. Accounting services Bulgaria. Best prices in Bulgaria.

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SUPER OFFER, today: Companies on sale in Bulgaria. Super price of 950 EUR. All registrations done to do business in Bulgaria, EU & worldwide. IBANs in BGN & EUR opened at UniCredit and Raiffeisen bank. Super price of 950 EUR (total cash out, not cent more) under the condition -> the new owner will sign a contract for accounting services with us.

  1. Why should I choose Paramount Services company for my accountant? What distinguishes especially them from the rest of dozens on the Internet?    We guarantee:
    a) Best prices for Sofia and the country   and
    (b) No additional consultations frees for express service  so
    c) 100% coverage on our account of all damages, fines, penalties, etc., resulting from our advice / consultation yet
    d) Fast, easy and informal contact with us 24 hours a day – no business hours   however ….
    e) We are ready to discuss and fully meet your needs and expectations at any time   furthermore
    2. Low prices but always high quality of service. so We keep every minute to the values ​​we believe in: Loyalty, Integrity & Commitment.
    3. Customer service without compromise on the quality of service. We keep our promises no matter what it costs us too ….
    4. You are more important than us. so We are interested in how we can help you with your business success, ie how we can earn 100% of our rewards. We can listen while

TOTAL COST no penny more -> this offer is 15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove  so …  

and  85 EUR monthly fee for accounting (25 doc/3 employee) -> promotional offer for companies registered by Paramount Services Ltd. -> this offer is 15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove   yet   ….

so   We keep to our promises – always and under all circumstances. while  No surprises, No hidden fees, No cheap consultancy tricks    furthermore  …

and PS: accounting services for companies in business services, trade, production and real estate. so #ps:

  • Accounting Services at fixed rates. and Full scope consultations that give you security in tax planning   while
  • Tax Returns. and Preparation of the annual financial report and submit to the Business Statistics. yet Prepare the of annual tax return and submit to the National Revenue Agency. while Publish the annual financial statements in the Commercial Register so …

yet Staff and salaries: so prepare and registration of all documents on labor relationships. yet Processing salaries & wages data and fringe benefits in addition.

so Accounting services for associations, foundations and unincorporated companies. Accounting Bulgaria and #ps:

  • so   Service accounting of legal non-profit enterprises (NGOs) and
  • and Accounting for unincorporated companies registered under the Law on while Obligations and Contracts yet
  • yet Publication of annual financial statements of legal non-profit enterprises (NGOs) while

yet  Current tax law.and #ps:

  • so  Consultation on opportunities, tax optimization, risk management  and
  • and Also economic news, currency information yet …….

PSPlease kindly review our presentation bellow:

Presentation-ParamountS   Presentation – Accounting office Paramount S

firstly  Types of taxes

  • Value Added Tax   so
  • Personal income tax   while
  • Tax on natural persons’ income from employment relations (Labor contract)
  • Corporate tax on the annual taxable profit,
  • Income tax (for public enterprises)  and   …
  • Tax on insurance premiums  yet
  • Tax on expenses   so much
  • Withholding taxes   and
  • Tax on the activity from ships operation  while   …
  • Patent Tax (final annual tax)  yet  …
  • Final Tax   and   …
  • Final tax for the organizers of gambling games   so

Accounting house Paramount S and The team of Paramount Services EOOD, and