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Legal services. Accounting services Bulgaria.  Corporate and Commercial Law, Supporting trade negotiations – with the co-operation of Paramount Services partners. 

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Company registrations in Bulgaria for 950 EUR Total Cash Out @ zero Consultancy fees if you become our Client. 85 EUR monthly accounting fee: : best prices.

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SUPER OFFER, today: so Companies on sale in Bulgaria. Super price of 950 EUR. All registrations done to do business in Bulgaria, EU & worldwide. IBANs in BGN & EUR opened at UniCredit and Raiffeisen bank. Super price of 950 EUR (total cash out, not cent more) under the condition -> the new owner will sign a contract for accounting services with us.

     Registrations cost above includes: so Company’s registrations at the Commercial Register, Company registration capital, VAT registration, tax address, virtual office, social insurance account register, manager’s PIN issue, company stamp, IBAN opening fees, bank deposits. also Online banking setting, debit card issue and sending to your postal address, so “0” Consultancy fee included in this offer (if you become our Client for accounting services) -> mostly TOTAL COST no penny more -> this offer is 15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove;

Services fees15% less than average price level on the Bulgarian market -> immediate prove;

85 EUR monthly fee for accounting (25 doc/3 employee) -> promotional offer for companies registered by Paramount Services Ltd.     mostly  ……..

24×7 services, 1 consulting hour included, solid expertise in accounting and taxation   while

10% flat taxation, that could be optimized additionally through tax preferences furthermore ….

5% tax on dividends, Double taxation avoidance treaty: all EU countries + 40 more around the world  so

Why Paramount Services: We offer clear and easy to follow procedures. so The prices announced by us are final without any vague formulations such as “guidance prices” or “reserve the right to change …”, like these   most of all  ………

so We keep to our promises – always and under all circumstances. No surprises, No hidden fees, No cheap consultancy tricks  furthermore  …….

                 above all          Law Services. Commercial Law

  • Registration and reorganization of companies and individual entrepreneurs, preparation of documents and representation in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency. while  For registration of companies, registration of foreign companies as partners in Bulgarian enterprises, registration of branches, registration of changes in the already registered companies also
  • Support and representation in connection with the organization of the general meetings of companies and preparation. so  Of all necessary documents in this regard much as
  • Drafting of enterprise agreements, protocols, invitations, decisions and other internal documents of the companies while
  • Transformation of companies – merger, consolidation, separation, division;
  • Legal services and advice in connection with the liquidation and bankruptcy of companies much as
  • Preparation, preparation and signing of all contracts under the Commercial Code as sales contracts, commissions goods or services. while  Leases, loans, transport and legal advice on commercial transactions while ..         

                                 while      Employment Counseling,

  • Service in connection with labor matters much as
  • Preparation of individual and collective labor contracts, annexes, job descriptions, agreements, employer orders, protocols, and other solutions so
  • Consultations and preparation of documents on termination of employment notices, orders, protocols for making the selection. and Compensation payments much as
  • while Legal services and representation in labor disputes  yet  ….

  • disputes for protection against unjustified dismissal, reinstatement, compensation paid by the employer to the employee, compensation for accidents at work in the Labor Code so
  • Advice regarding disciplinary sanctions, dismissal, the payment of compensation and disciplinary action while
  • Legal services in connection with the compulsory health and pension insurance also

so Assistance, advice and representation for settling labor disputes and legal representation in court. so For keeping employment matters relating to dismissals, layoffs, benefits and other labor disputes  while

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